Beatles Singalong Sunday – Replay no. 7

May 10, 2020

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learning to play BeatlesThemed Singalong Sundays

A few Sundays ago I came up with the idea to do themed gigs. And one theme that I couldn’t wait to do, was The Beatles! I’ve been a huge fan of the Beatles since I was about six years old. Me singing and playing the guitar, is mainly their ‘fault’.

Because I loved their songs, and my father let me listen to his Beatles records and he played guitar as well, it was not really a surprise that I would become interested in playing the guitar myself.

Learning to play Beatles

It happened when I was ten or eleven years old, it was 1979. My aunt, my mother’s younger sister, had bought a guitar and asked my father to teach her how to play it. I can still see them sitting on my grandmother’s sofa, while he taught her a few basic chords to play.

It looked SO easy to me, that when we got back home I asked my father “could you teach me those chords too? And can I use your guitar to practice?” To my delight he agreed and he taught me a D-chord, as well as A and E chords.

And while I was practicing calluses on my fingertips, I suddenly heard a song… I started to hum the melody and there it was! I could play ‘Song sung blue’ from Neil Diamond! That was my very first song ever to play on the guitar.

Not long after that I also learned the C and G chords and I started learning Beatles songs. Starting with Love me do 🙂

Fast forward from 1979 to 2020

I’ve decided to do a theme show every first Sunday of each month. So the next will be on June 7th, and it will be themed ‘Country music’. Which is another passion of mine. If you like me singing country songs, write down the date on your calendar or diary and make sure you’ll be there on June 7th!

Leaves me with kicking off the latest replay, the one of last week, May 3rd. Have fun with the music of the legendary Fab Four: The Beatles, brought to you by yours truly 😉

Replay video no. 7, May 3rd

Song list

  • I’ll have to say I love you in a song – Jim Croce (requested)

All further songs in this gig were from The Beatles

  • Act naturally
  • All my lovin’
  • Back in the U.S.S.R.
  • Blackbird
  • Eight days a week
  • Hey Jude (requested)
  • No reply
  • Norwegian wood
  • Nowhere man
  • Octopus’s garden (just a small piece of it, requested)
  • Things we said today
  • We can work it out
  • When I’m Sixty Four
  • With a little help from my friends
  • Yellow submarine
  • Yesterday
  • You’ve got to hide your love away

New things coming up

Maurice and I have ordered a brand new mixer, which will enable us to record good quality music. We expect it to arrive Monday or Tuesday (fingers crossed!). This means that we will start recording ALL the songs that I can play, with a lot better sound than we’ve had during the Singalong Sundays.

And we will upload all those songs, covers as well as my original material, to my YouTube channel. The channel is now empty (I’ve deleted everything, due to the new strict rules for COPPA), but if I want to grow my audience, YouTube tends to be the best platform to do so.

Follow me on my socials

So if you want to support me and my musical ambitions (no idea what those ambitions are yet 😛 , but hopefully I will discover that along the way), then please subscribe to my YouTube channel and like my Facebook Page, and follow me on Instagram and Twitter!

And remember, there’s a Singalong Sunday every week!

Time: 20.00 h. / 8pm Amsterdam NL time
(7pm UK time/ 2pm EST/ 11am PT and for other time zones you’ll just have to do a quick check online).


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