Musical fun during quarantine – Replay no. 3 from April 5th 2020

April 17, 2020

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In this blog I’ll post the video of the third Facebook Live Replay, the one hour gig I did on April 5th.

With the passing of the weeks my husband and I have been thinking about ways to improve the quality of the live sessions. One improvement was adding a backdrop, which we’ve used for the first time in the video of last Sunday’s live.

I’ll tell you more about that in the blog about replay no. 4!

Request for help

On my Facebook page I’ve already posted another thing that we thought would improve the quality enormously: a new mixer. But to be able to buy it, we needed some help. I honestly must say, making such request made me feel quite uncomfortable, because I rarely ask other people for help.

Well, in this case I didn’t see that many other options, so I made the request.

In the meantime my husband was able to rearrange things with our current mixer and setup, and even though we still very much would like to buy a new mixer with a.o. a USB connection, there is no immediate need for it. But there still was the need for a compressor.

Asking for help helped

The good news is, that with the help of a couple of very generous donations (you know who you are, we can’t thank you enough ♥♥♥) and a small loan on our credit card, we were able to order a Behringer Pro-XL compressor and we’re expecting this to arrive early next week!

Yesssss… that way we will be able to get much better sound for the online live gigs!

And it also opens the door to more professional recordings of the songs I play. So expect more single songs to be uploaded as soon as all the gear has been set up and our home studio is totally up and running!


We still have wishes, of course. Like better microphone stands (I’ve got two second hand stands that both are over 25 years old, which is fine for the time being, but I would love to replace them with better ones) and two studio microphones. And a new USB mixer would be very convenient. But there’s no rush.

Well, after all that being said, I’d like to add that if you feel like making a donation, as a way to show your appreciation for my FB live gigs, you can send them (only through PayPal) to: (this is on my husband’s account).

Facebook Live part 3 video

And here’s the third video in this series of live gigs. If you haven’t seen it on Facebook already, here’s your chance to watch the replay. Enjoy!

Song list

  • Under the boardwalk – The Drifters
  • Make you feel my love – Adele
  • Age – Jim Croce
  • Kiss from a rose – Seal
  • Year of the cat – Al Stewart
  • Venus – Shocking blue
  • I’d be yours – Ilse Delange
  • Something – The Beatles
  • Help – The Beatles
  • Mag ik dan bij jou – Claudia de Breij
  • Hotel California – The Eagles
  • Through the barricades – Spandau Ballet
  • Wanted dead or alive – Bon Jovi

Sing Along Sunday Live continues

Like the last four Sundays, I will keep singing on Sundays, 8pm CET (20.00 h Amsterdam NL time)!

It helps me feel a little bit better, taking my mind off of everything that’s going on with lock downs, quarantine, social distancing and such. And I figured that this would also be the case with you and many others. Singing heals and soothes!

So will you join me for the next Facebook Live on Sunday April 19th? (It’s on my Facebook Page: Bookmark that page, so you can easily find it!)

I’m looking forward to seeing you Sunday. And remember to send me your song requests!

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