New song recording: Steamboat Row

New song recording: Steamboat Row – Gerry Rafferty

September 27, 2020

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Different approach

Last week I enthusiastically announced the start of a new season of my Singalong Sundays.

To my disappointment, there weren’t many people sharing my enthusiasm, which is hardly surprising with me not being active on social media and no longer sending out emails (next blog will be about exactly that subject!). I understand that, but it also tells me that I’ve got to stop investing a lot of time trying to sing songs for others, with other people in mind.

So I’ve decided to throw the whole Singalong Sunday idea overboard, at least for the near future. Last week I played five songs, but from now on I will upload one single song every Sunday. I’ve been planning to record the songs that I play for ages, but never got to it. And I think now is the time to do it. For myself. And if other people like it, that’s a bonus, but basically I will be doing the songs for me.

No premiere, no live chat

The single song recordings will be uploaded as usual to Vimeo, and I’ll also upload them to YouTube. Although no longer as a premiere, which means there will be no live chat. So when this new recording goes live, we’ll be on our way to our favorite pastellería in La Cala de Mijas, to have a nice cup of coffee, offline ?.

Like last week there’s always the option to comment below this page, or send me a message through WhatsApp ? . (I’m not checking Messenger very often. Just saying.) For the time being I won’t be taking any requests, because I first want to record all the songs that I can play and that I like enough to share online.

Well, this was it for now. I hope you enjoy the song. Sorry if this blog wasn’t as uplifting and happy as usual, but I just said what I wanted to say. No offense.



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