Single Song Recording: Stolen childhood

New song recording: Stolen childhood – Tabby May

October 25, 2020

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Recording at Gordon Groothedde's Studio Zutphen 2002Tabby May – Stolen childhood

It’s twenty years ago already, that I wrote this song. And over eighteen years since I recorded it, with a producer that, back then in 2002, was a rising star and is nowadays one of the Dutch top producers, mr. Gordon Groothedde from GG Studio in Zutphen.

I still have the piece of paper with the handwritten, original setup for this song, as I will show you below the video in a scanned image of it.

Murphy’s law

For the recording of this song, here and now in 2020, everything that could possibly go wrong, went wrong. We had problems with the recording software, the camera on my smartphone did strange (as you can see in the video, a couple of times the view is overexposed) and at one point I had enough of it. After several takes, I decided to take the recording that Gordon Groothedde made in 2002.

So what you’re about to see in the video is me actually singing and playing along with the recording. I did sing out loud, I did play, I wasn’t miming! But the sound that you hear is not what I actually sang today. Although what you hear IS my voice, and me playing the guitar. I figured this to be the best solution to at least be able to upload a video today.

And keeping the stress at bay that today’s recording session caused!

At the end of this blog post I’ve got a little extra for you… But first, here’s this week’s song, a Tabby May original:

Handwritten original lyrics set up for Stolen ChildhoodSpecial gift

As I said earlier in this post, I still have the handwritten ‘birth certificate’ of Stolen Childhood. I’ve kept it all those years, as a keepsake. I still recall writing it and there are a lot of memories surrounding this little scrap.

Well, the last thing I want to tell you, is that the recording that I’ve used in the video, is the acoustic version of the song. BUT…. Gordon Groothedde also made another version where he used several different instruments to ‘dress it up’. That version is my gift to you! You can listen to it, using the audio player below, and you may also download it by right clicking HERE (and then choose ‘save as’).

Please share if you like this original song. For some more (live) recordings from the past, click here or here. Or check out my Vimeo account or YouTube channel.

Hopefully next Sunday a new recording that does work out the way it should ?!



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